Using view from different controller


I (newbie) work on an application that uses the api and request
the top albums from

so I have a lastfm_controller with the action
caches_view: top_albums

def top_albums
#gets top albums from

and a top_albums.rhtml that renders a list of the albums. I want to
cache the view, what works well.

Now i have another mediaplayer_controller that gets the current artist
from my media player.

def get_mediaplayer_artist
@artist = getmediaplayer.artist

In the mediaplayer.rhtml I want to include lastfm functionality.
How can I include the /lastfm/top_albums/ARTIST view in the

I tried to move everything to the mediaplayer_controller, and use the
render call, however then I have no caching.

I hope its understandable. My main problem is that I need the caching
functionality of the lastfm actions.