Using the newly created value in faker gem

require ‘faker’
require ‘populator’
require ‘date’


100.times do
u =
u.username = Faker::Internet.user_name =
u.password = “test”
u.password_confirmation = “test”
I am using the Faker gem to load sample data in my app. I have three
models, user, dbase and table.
The table gets created under every dbase so I want it’s column ‘dbase’
tp have the same value as the that was created above.
Please see the code :

10.times do
u = User.find(id = rand(User.count))
db = =
db.vendor =
db.location = [ ,
Faker::Address.us_state_abbr ].join(’.’)
db.port = 50000
db.defuser = u.username
t1 =
Table.populate(rand(10)) do |tab|
tab.schema_name = t1
tab.tab_name =

  tab.dbase =     #here it says undefined method `db' for


  tab.created_by =
  tab.created_on =
  tab.logged = rand(2)


I can accompolish the same using rails console so I am assuming the
console holds the value in cache while this doesn’t commit or

Can anyone help on how to accomplish this?

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