Using the gr_agc_ff block

I am trying to use the gr_agc_ff block in my SSB code but I am not sure
if I
am doing it right. The only example I found of this function’s usage is
gnuradio-examples/python/apps/hf_radio/ . and it is commented
Like the author of that example, I connected the AGC block right before
audio_sink (actually . AGC → Volume Multiplier → audit_sink). It
seems to
work, but the effects aren’t as dramatic as I had hoped. I can
pull in signals that are not in range without AGC.

I played around with the functions parameters and got even better
when I kicked up the reference and gain parameters to 2 and 3.

Can anyone confirm that I am using this block as intended? It seems
like it
should be used earlier in the demodulation. Also, what units are we
about for the reference and gain parameters - is it volts for the
value and db for the gain?

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