Using the ActionView::Helpers::FormTagHelper and ActionView:


I have a utility class (in the lib/media_set/media.rb file in my ruby
application) and in there, I would like to access the
ActionView::Helpers::FormTagHelper.select_tag and
ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper.options_for_select to create a
select tag. However, in the view files, I can just refer to
select_tag(…) or options_for_select(…) and obviously rails “know”
that these are instance methods on some instance of the FormTagHelp
and FormOptionsHelper classes. I have two questions:

  1. how can I use the select_tag and options_for_select methods in my
    utility class? Can I use the same instance as would have been used in
    the view?
  2. how does Rails make accessible or associate select_tag and
    options_for_select with an existing instance of these classes in the
    view file?

Much appreciated.

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