Using sub-subfolder structure

I am trying to organize files better within our site. We have several folders already set within views but I want to add subfolders to some of them. Below is an example of what we have and what I would like to achieve.



Would like:



All of these pages in sitec are in the same controllers/sitec_controller.rb

class SitecController < SiteController
def sitec
def sitec_page1
def sitec_page2

The routes are:

scope :sitec do
get ‘/’, to: ‘sitec#sitec’, as: :sitec
get ‘/page2’, to: ‘sitec#page2’, as: :sitec_page2


Still somewhat new to Ruby on Rails so any help would be appreciated. The only resources I’ve found have been about setting a folder which I already have but not about going another layer deep within the folder.

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