Using something other than textareas to edit Radiant pages

Hello all,

I would like to avoid using textareas to edit my radiant site’s pages.
would much rather use vim to edit any and all text. Is it possible to
this other than using the radiant.vim plugin ( segfaults my vim 7.1 ,
version .0.0.3 of radiant.vim ) ?

I’ve installed the “It’s All Text” add on for Firefox, which gives you
an “edit” button on all textareas. You can configure it to launch your
favorite editor and it will handle copying your saved data back into the
webpage. Personally, I use SciTE on Win32, but I’m sure you could make
it work with vim.


If it helps, there’s also a Firefox extension called “Save Text Area”
that lets you load the content of a text area from a file. That way,
you can prepare a bunch of files using vim (offline if you prefer) and
just go through loading them using the extension.


Please warm yourself in my undying gratitude for the “it’s all text”
Now all my textareas can be done in gvim, and I feel like a civilized
once again. Brilliant tip. Thank you very much. Works perfectly.