Using Sketchup Ruby API outside of Sketchup...say in Linux?


I need to write a program that can obtain 3D mesh information from
Sketchup (.skp) files, while in Linux.

Google Sketchup provides a Sketchup Ruby API that can be used to create
plugins, that usually run from within Sketchup to do this task.

However, I want to ask if someone has used the Sketchup Ruby API without
Google Sketchup. Is this possible? Also, can Ruby programs be executed

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Also, can Ruby programs be executed under Linux?

This does not make much sense. .rb files happily work on both Linux and
Windows, but most active development for Ruby is done on non-Windows,
how would you think will they try out their changes … uploading to a
Windows machine and then testing? :slight_smile:

As far as binaries are concerned, they wont work natively under Linux
(.rb files arent binaries though), but you may have some luck with Wine.

I am not sure if someone managed to make sketchup work under Linux+wine,
I had too many problems and gave up on it.

Google should make the code base flexible, its really not that difficult
to make it work cross-plattform.