Using scaffolding/classic_pagination error

So I’ll preface with: I am very new to Ruby and Rails. I’m using the
2006 Lynda guide to Rails, and I just setup a simple scaffold based on a
simple database, and when I try to “create”, I get this:


I’m not sure what the error means or how to correct it. I would
appriciate any help.

Also, if scaffolding has been removed from Rails 2.0, has something
replaced it? Or is that more advanced and I should wait till I learn


My guess is that your 2006 guide is not up to speed with your version of

Check your environment.rb for info on how 2.0 looks to do sessions…
cookie session data is the default if I recall correctly.

When trying to use the db for session data, I was frequently getting
MySQL Lost Connections. Haven’t seen one since moving to 2.0 and using
the cookie store.

Active Scaffolding is available as a plugin I think, but 2.0 leans

ruby script/generate scaffold modelname field1:type field2:type etc…

for the simplest example (creates the controller, model, views as static
files you can edit to your hearts content).