Using Runt with Rails Tutorial or Helpers?


I’m working on a project that has event scheduling and I need to get
date recurrence going on it. I found the Runt library which looks like
it has pretty much everything handled, but I was wondering if there are
any tutorials out there for using Runt with Rails, or better yet some
helpers or a plugin for it. I tried searching through the mailing list
archives, but searching is down on Ruby Forum, and gmane’s web interface
is down… Thanks for any help!


Hi Toby,
I haven’t seen any helpers, plugin or anything of the like out at all. I
don’t think anyone has developed one yet.
If you want to be able to search the mailing list you should check out though.
I just found it the other day and have been using it quite a bit to do
searches now the ruby-forum’s search is down.
Eric G.