Using Ruby On Rails with server


I am new to Ruby On Rails, but not exactly new to the Ruby langauge
itself. I have an application that is in working condition, and I would
like to upload for public viewing. I asked my hosting company if they
supported Ruby On Rails, and they said yes, and that it was currently
running on the system. So my next step was figuring out how to get my
project up on the server so that people can access it via a url and view
the entire script.

I have cpanel with shell access, as well as an ftp account. My question
is what do I need to do next to get a running script up on my server? I
have a standard server with all your normal folders such as
“public_html” which holds all html docs, etc. etc. Can anyone help guide
me through setting up an example script so that I can view it simply

Thank you.

~ Alias