Using Ruby on Rails in a Debian/non-Ubuntu Linux distro)

Have any of you used Ruby on Rails in Debian or a Debian-based distro
that isn’t based on Ubuntu?

At the moment, I’m using Linux Mint 11 with LXDE (based on Ubuntu) in
VirtualBox to work on Ruby on Rails. I’d prefer using Linux Mint
Debian Edition (which bypasses the Ubuntu overhead) because it’s
lightweight. (In fact I like LMDE so much that I’m basing future
versions of my Swift L. distro on LMDE instead of antiX Linux.) I
don’t like the increasing bloat of Ubuntu, and I don’t like the
controversial new changes. Thus, I’m interested in pruogramming Ruby
on Rails in a non-Ubuntu distro.

Hi! I use Kubuntu, but I think a lot of people use Mac with Rails. I
believe that there are great differences using RoR in different OS,
minor issues installing gems with binaries dependencies. Good luck! =)

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some gems and libraries doesn’t work on Windows =)
rvm for example

I use it successfully in a Mint-Debian distro (which I highly
recommend, since its quite lightweight and rolling released).

The only problem I faced happened installing ruby 1.9.2 with rvm, but
it’s easily solved installing 1.8.2 first and running ‘rvm use 1.8.2’
before installing 1.9.2.

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