Using Ruby/GStreamer for a DVD player

Hello list.

I have been successful in getting the gstreamer bindings for ruby to
work for simple application such as those included in the “examples”
section of the bindings source. However, I would really like to be
able to perform some advanced actions, such as:

  • determining the number of tracks on a DVD as well as the number of
    chapters within each track

  • determine the available audio channels to a level good enough to
    choose by language (en, es, fr, etc)

My goal is to be able to give the user of my app the ability to play a
specific track in the language of his or her choosing.

I have seen that this is a workable scenario with the gstreamer
libraries themselves by investigating an application called thoggen.
It is written in C, and my “parsing of C into ruby” skills are not

I think that the ruby bindings can do this as well. Unfortunately,
there is very little documentation outside of the API. Certainly no
offense to the author, as the bindings themselves seem very good

I think with a few good examples I could really get rolling with this.
Can anyone enlighten me here?