Using RSpec to Story Test Java code

Hi, folks.

I recently (ie on the weekend) came across RSpec, and knew it could be
answer to a problem I was looking into - story testing Java code. I’ve
written up what I had to do to get it working at
RSpec, JRuby and Story Testing Java Code – Software is too expensive to build cheaply…..
Basically, I
took the Accounts test from the RSpec home page and used it as the basis
testing a Java Accounts class. The resulting article is from the point
view of someone with virtually zero Ruby experience, and no RSpec
at all.

This isn’t just a blatant troll for hits to my blog. :wink: I’m also
keen on feedback from anyone else who is trying to do this sort of
thing, or
even just from people trying to use the Story Test format without
Rails applications. 2 days isn’t enough time for me to have come across
the good information out there (though I’m going to keep looking).

I also hope to take part in this community some more - you guys have
built a
fantastic tool, and if you don’t mind a Java guy hanging out here, I’d
to see how much I can get out of it. :slight_smile:

Robert Watkins wrote:

JtestR 0.2 will contain support for story testing of Java.


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