Using ROR on Host Excellence web servers

I am just learning ROR. It is working fine on my Windows XP desktop.

Eventually I will want to migrate my ROR work to a host. Currently I
use Host Excellence. My account with them is a Windows account. They
run Apache servers. And have MySql.

I’ve queried them as to whether they support ROR. There answer was
“Unfortunately we don’t support Ruby on Rails on our servers. We
support only Ruby 1.6 programming language on our Linux servers”. I’ve
asked for further clarification from them as to whether that means I
could run ROR if I converted my Windows account to Linux.

But I suspect I am missing something major here. Why couldn’t I simply
go thru the same installation in my host domain folders and install
ROR there like I did on my Windows XP desktop?

Also, since my account with them expires in January are there any good
ROR hosting services anyone could suggest?