Using Rails with Subversion


I followed the instructions at Hivelogic on Building Subversion (SVN) on
Mac OS X and installed it
on my machine.

Now I am following the rubyonrails wiki on How to Use Rails With
Subversion, it assumes that you
have already created a subversion repository. Could someone please point
me in the right direction
for creating a subversion repository? Searching lead me to macdevcenter
which seems to be
applicable for a networked environment. Thanks in advance.
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You really need to read the svn books. Start with:

but don’t neglect “Pragmatic Version Control,” as it explains a number
of concepts you may not get immediately from the svn book.

Tip: If you get one of the Pragmatic books, always get the PDF version
too. It’s searchable and travels along inside your laptop :slight_smile:

You’ll need to decide whether to host svn locally or on a server. If
you’re just getting familiar with svn and svnadmin, then go ahead and
run against a local repository. When you use svn for its intended
purpose – team software development and versioning – you’ll have to
work with subversion hosted on a server that all members of your team
can reach.

Hope this helps.


On 19 May 2006, at 06:09, Bala P. wrote:

applicable for a networked environment. Thanks in advance.
on-mac-os-x/ (look in the comments, you’ll also need to edit both
the shell script and applescript file in the link provided to the
startup item)

I?ve actually got a few servers I use - we have one at work, there are some online repositories I connect to for some open source stuff, and then I have one running locally for my personal projects.

Setting up the local server wasn?t too bad, it took about an hour to
get it working just right, but I?ve been using it now for months. Now
that you mention it, it would be nice to have a guide on how to set
it up, as I would have loved one. I?m headed out of town this
weekend, so I?ll try to get a guide online before then, but if not,
I?ll have one up shortly.

In the meantime, here?s how I did it in a nutshell:

Use svnadmin to create your repository, using the fsfs file system,
that?ll save you the trouble of messing with the Berkely DB junk. But
as of the latest version of SVN, I think fsfs is the default now.

Then, start your server by launching svnserve with the following
command - svnserve -d -r path/to/repo

The -d tells it to run as a daemon, and the -r points it to the
repository. You?ll find better details on these commands in the SVN
Book you can find online.

Then, as you?ll need to start svnserve anytime your Mac restarts, I
wrote a little shell script to launch it, which is run by an
applescript that runs at startup. I?ve zipped those up for you if you
like. Just open them up and edit the paths to match your system. - (20KB)

This should be enough info to at least give you a head start, and
I?ll see what I can do about getting another guide online about how
to do this.

Later -


Best regards

Peter De Berdt