Using Rails.Logger in a gem in Rails 3beta3

Hi fellows!

I want to use the Rails.logger in my gem. I try the following code in
my main gem-file.

require ‘rails/logger’
puts “init1”“hi”)
puts “init2”

The funny thing is: It even don’t give me the output of puts in the
stdout of the server!
But if I remove the call to Rails.logger the puts are displayed in the
stdout of the server again.

But in both cases nothing is written in the development.log

Greetings from Germany,

Ok i figured out something.

The whole thing, that the puts are not displayed is the problem with
the require ‘rails/logger’ line. If I don’t require rails/logger I can
use my plain old stdouts.

That may be intended like this … but how can I use the Rails.logger
through my gem?