Using rails for database migrations/installs - even if rails doesn't actually use that database


I think rails migrations are the bomb.

My company deploys a rails web server and application server (for web
services), as well as a stack of linux servers containing applications
and databases. the rails app talks to a MySQL database which supports
it, and rails migrations (rake db:create etc.) is used to deploy the
database server and seed it at install. But the other mysql databases
are deployed with all sorts of horrible contortions (scp the schema
file from a repository to the target mysql server, then mysql -u root -
p < schema.sql etc. etc.) It’s fraught with errors and requires human
action which leads to implementation issues.

Can rails be used to deploy the schema for these other mysql servers
in the stack, even if the rails application itself doesn’t touch the
other databases? Would rails be able to build mysql databases of
various engines (Innodb here, MyISAM there) etc.?

Thanks in advance,