Using Nginx as an injection proxy


I’d like to know whether it is possible to use Nginx as an injection
proxy (for 100% legal and professionnal use ! :slight_smile: ), notably to analyse
the headers or content of a response, and perform automated changes on
either or both the headers/content of the request, or change some parts
of a request.

Practically, I want to do exactly the same kind of things that Fiddler 2
allows to do : perform tests on header/content, and automatically make


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up :slight_smile:

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On 21.01.2011, at 19:44, yannlossouarn wrote:

Fiddler 2
allows to do : perform tests on header/content, and automatically make

It’s not possible.

Igor S.

Hi Igor,

Oh I see : if you tel it’s not possible, I guess it is really not
possible at all… ^^ Just for the sake of my mind, I’d be interested in
complementary information : I was just studying nginx documentation, and
had the feeling there may be something possible, by using simultaneously
the rewrite, proxy and substitution modules. Where is the issue ? :confused:

Bye and thanks for the great work !

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@SplitIce : basically, I’d prefer to avoid using another language/module
: I have not complete freedom over server setup. LUA is not installed on
current setup, and I think sysadmins might be reluctant to installing
the LUA module just for me. :confused:

Would Rewrite+ Proxy + Substitution(s) make it, if I slightly modify my
demand, so that I do not make “tests on header/content” before making
changes. E.g., the aim would be to make requests on get data on,
changing the response body so that links to” are changed into”, plus other similar changes
in the html source code ?


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You could do it using embedded perl or LUA probably.