Using Net::HTTP to proxy HTTPS

As far as I can tell from my experimenting, there is no way to proxy
HTTPS requests using the Net::HTTP classes. My question is: can it be
done? And if so, how?

I’ve tried numerous variations, but the main gist of what I’ve tried is
this code fragment:

httpobj = host, port )

this Proxy version below doesn’t work to post to an HTTPS url through

a proxy even though

it’s supposed to have

the same methods as Net::HTTP, errors with a use_ssl is not a method

httpobj = Net::HTTP.Proxy( @proxy_host, @proxy_port, @proxy_user,

@proxy_password )

httpobj.use_ssl = true

httpobj.start do | http |

request =
request.set_form_data({ "scan[scan_results]" => "#{results}" } )
response = http.request(request)


Proxying normal HTTP requests works fine. Using HTTPS with no proxying
works fine, but