Using more than 1 collection_select drop down in a form


Bashing my head off this one, done some serious googling and can;t find
an answer anywhere,

is there any way to run multiple collection selects in single form, i
have 1 working no problems, but when I try to set up a second I just get
the same values as the first one stored, I think I need an array of some
sort? But how?


if you use the select helper twice for the same object, both resulting
dropdowns will have the same name attribute, and therefore the value
in the params hash of one select will be overwritten by the other.

you could create the select tag yourself, giving it a different name,
and use options_from_collection_for_select to put the

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Cheers for that, what I’m trying to do is create two records with a
single subit, I have a model degree with a HABTM relationship with a
model assigned, and what I want to be able to do is to create two
assigneds on one form for a degree, so I think they need to have the
same name, just not quite sure how to submit the data and then write it
to seperate rows