Using maven to build a jar/war/ear with jruby source?


I have the same question that Michael C. posed in September:


As far as using Maven to compile the scripts, we don’t have a mojo for
this sort of thing, so you’re best off using something like the exec
or antrun plugin. You can make jruby-complete a dependency of the
plugin, and use “${maven.plugin.classpath}” as the classpath to the
java command that would launch jrubyc. Look inside the jrubyc script
for details of args to pass to java to launch the compiler.

Hope that helps,

Does anything 1.1.5 address this? If not, is there a feature request
in the JRuby Jira tracker that relates to this so I can track whether
it’s supported or not?

Or should I be looking at Groovy instead for extending classes within
a J2EE app?



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