Using GRC and USRP2 to implement a GSM base station?

Hi all,

I want to implement a GSM base station using gnuradio with USRP2. I just
downloaded the latest development code of gnuradio and I have not got my
USRP2 yet(USRP2 seems not availabe now?). I think that there are some
useful modules for me to build a GSM base station, such as
gr-gsm-fr-vocode and GRC. I google and know that there is a project
called OpenBTS; however, it is for USRP1. GRC is really good and
convenient, so I want to use GRC and USRP2 to build my GSM base station.

Is anyone working on this issue and can give me some instruction?

Thank you,

I want to implement a GSM base station using gnuradio with USRP2.

I looked at doing this, and decided to use USRP1 for several reasons:

  • It’s a lot cheaper than a USRP2.
  • You can buy a USRP1 today.
  • It can handle all the daughter boards on one USRP.
  • There’s already code that works with it (OpenBTS). I have
    successfully made phone calls through such a USRP1-based laptop
    running OpenBTS. The vocoders and all that stuff are already
    built in to OpenBTS.

It depends what you want to do. If you want to make a GSM base
station, then go USRP1. If you want to play with a USRP2 and don’t
really care much about making GSM work, then go USRP2.

GRC will run on the same USRP1 that you can use for GSM, but it
won’t run at the same time as OpenBTS. If what you want is a GSM
base station, GRC is another distraction, like the USRP2.


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