Using Gnuradio Companion to send identical signals with usrp1 to XCRV2450 and sbx daughter boards


sorry for sending the email to both list, but it seems it might be a
topic. Please advise ma if I’m wrong.

However here is my situation:

I have send identical signals (1MHz sinusoidal) to these two daughter
boards and measured the actual output signal with a spectrum analyzer as
described is the linked file:

The XCRV gives the DC-leakage at carrier, my signal at carrier + 1 MHz
the image at carrier - 1 MHz. But the SBX only gives a 14 MHz wide
something I cannot classify.

Maybe the SBX is broken? Maybe it doesn’t work correctly with the USRP1

Any advise is appreciated.


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Hi Marcus,

the USRP1 has been bought with all the components in july 2012 and the
driver and Gnuradio
have been installed at beginning of July 2013 using the installation
running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

From my screenshot in the file I find this line:


linux; GNU C++ version 4.6.3; Boost_1048DD; UHD_003.005.003-87-g8f4000ff

using Volk machine: avx_64_mmx_orc
-Loading firmware image …


I hope this helps. Thanks