Using External Databases that Don't Have ID Columns

I have to connect to an external database which I don’t have control of.
They were not setup with a Rails application in mind. I can extract
information easily enough, but creating associations between the models
is my problem. I am not certain how exactly to let Rails know what the
primary key column is.

I have two tables, properties and photos. I would like to create an
association like this:

Class Property
has_many :photos, :class_name => “Photo”, :foreign_key => “propNum”

Class Photo
belongs_to :property, :class_name => “Property”, :foreign_key =>

The properties table uses ‘propNum’ instead of ID. The photos table uses
photoNum instead of ID, and associates to the properties table using a
propNum column versus property_id.

I am not certain how exactly to specify what the primary column name is
so Rails can understand the association. Any help would be great.

Following code should set the primary key to propNum.
class Property
set_primary_key ‘propNum’
Hope this helps,

Thanks and regards,

I knew it would be something really easy! Thanks Swanand!

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