Using custom controls with gestalt

I’m preparing some demos of using silverlight+ironruby with gestalt.

It’s really impressive but i’d like to show an example using the bing
map control but can’t work out how to make external controls

Here’s what I thought I should do:

  • Created a Microsoft.Maps.slvx containing the
    Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll and Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Common.dll
  • Cracked open the dlr.xap file and added to the manifest and packaged it up

The browser had cached dlr.xap which confused me for a while but I can
now see the Microsoft.Maps.slvx is getting downloaded (i’m using my
own little webserver tool -
but none of the classes seem to be available.

Can anyone see what’s missing?

I’d also like to demo using silverlight 4 - does anyone know if
changes are required to the gestalt dlr.js, dlr.xap etc. to use the
new features (camera control etc.)?


In case anyone is curious - I got this to work by putting the
Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll and Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Common.dll
assemblies directly into the DLR.xap file.

This doesn’t seem ideal - the slvx approach ensures that silverlight
applications can avoid downloading command dependencies such as
IronRuby, IronPython etc. once for every application.

It’s functional enough to show how easily silverlight applications can
be created without needing an ide or a compiler.



Putting the dlls in the XAP is one way to do it. You could also put them
into a ZIP file, and in your app download the zip file and use
Silverlight’s Application.GetResourceStream API to extract the DLLs from
the file, and call Assembly.Load on them. However, this is a bit
annoying, so we support doing this:

This lets you put files in a zip, and then access them like they were
part of the “filesystem”. However, I just tried this and I found a bug,
so I’ll check in a fix and let you know when it’s fixed.



That’s excellent - I can easily load gems that way too I guess (adding to the load path).

I got the impression from the “sl back to just text” document that
loading zips wasn’t implemented yet - should’ve just given it a try.

Gestalt does seem really awesome - providing textmate bundles is a nice

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Jimmy S.


Did you ever get this fixed? I tried application/zip as well as
application/x-zip-compressed, but in every case I get a “No such file to
load” error.

Here’s the source:

Ryan R.

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Twitter: @panesofglass

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