Using commandline for cvs-like commands and help?



I’m trying to get my brain into CommandLine [1] to figure out how to do
cvs-like command support.

Something like (just sketching)

$ ruby myapp.rb --help
Global options:
Use one of the commands:

$ ruby myapp.rb foo --help
Help for myapp.rb foo command…

The linked documentation has a section “CVS Mode” but in the end refers
to “More on how this is handled in the usage section.”, however I find

In the subsection “OptionData” it mentions:

od.cmd # not yet implemented - but a cvs like command

Hmm …

I’m using the CommandLine::Application idiom as it makes things very
clear and well arranged.

I tried digging into the source, but the only reference I find is in
commandline/application.rb in expected_args() and there’s a comment:

expected_args :cmd

Now, what to do if command line has more args than expected

app --app-option cmd --cmd-option arg-for-cmd

Does this mean it is not supported?


  • Markus