Using and Clear active_record_store


i am new to Rails and I’m trying to create an Quiz Site.

So how can i store the User_ID, rightanswers, time.

I have a view called “Quiz” it creates with the help of
quiz_controller, a form_tag with one question collect from the
database. So quiz_controller will be called 20 times, for 20
questions. Every time it called, it checks wheter the answer is true
or false.

In my opinion it is the best way to transmit (rember the controller
will called 20 times) the field right_answers / userID / startTime /
endTime by using cookies. But i think client-side cookies are unsecure
so i try the :active_record_store solution. Is this the best way??

Delete Rails the database entry when I call reset_session?

Thank you for your response!

best regards

homy 8)