Using an external link with r:navigation

My client wants a link in their nav that is outbound. I have their nav
setup through the <r:navigation> tag, but there is a problem using
absolute URLs

<r:navigation urls=“About: /about | Foo:”>

This generates a link that does go to the right place, but the display
text is:

“Foo: http”

Is there a trick to getting this to work right? or is this just not
something this tag supports right now?


Yes, it is unsupported. Since that item will never be selected,
however, you could make it its own link sitting by itself. I know
that’s not the ideal solution, but I’ve done it several times in
different circumstances. Depending on the order of your URLs, you may
have to break it into two <r:navigation> tags.


Decimal-Entity Notation worked for me:

<r:navigation urls=“Home: /|Photographs:”>

A double slash seems to work too:

<r:navigation urls=“Home: /|Photographs: //”>

But it shows up in the HTML that way, it’s not very standard, and I
didn’t test it in all browsers.

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