Using AAF with ActiveRecord outside of Rails?


My project has been happily using ActiveRecord outside of
Rails for some time to populate various databases that are
also used in Rails based websites.

I’d like to bring AAF into this setup to index new records
that are added to the databases as they’re added.

Has anyone had any success in installing and using AAF
with ActiveRecord but outside the Rails plugin support?

I may be going about this the wrong way too–if there’s a
better way of creating and updating the indexes outside of
Rails I’d also welcome any advice on that.



Stuart Hungerford
ANUSF Data Intensive Projects

On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 04:02:22PM +1000, Stuart Hungerford wrote:

with ActiveRecord but outside the Rails plugin support?
I’m not sure but imho this should be possible. From the top of my head,
aaf depends on RAILS_ENV to be set to find the proper configuration
settings in RAILS_ROOT/config/ferret_server.yml - so you should set up
these variables accordingly.

Otherwise, requiring the plugin’s init.rb should be sufficient to get
you going.


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