Using a link conditionally in the view

I want to render a different link_to name and url path based on an
objects “status” attribute in the index view. Would love to know how
to get the logic out of the view, but barring that, when I use if/else
statements in erb I can only render 4 different link options.
Likewise, case/when is only allowing me to show 2 different results?
Not sure what I am doing wrong (except I am sure I am putting way too
much logic in the view).

Any help or guidelines would be much appreciated.

one way:

link_to(obj.status_name, #{obj.status}_path)

this would require any extra routes to be added, as well as a
status_name attribute/model to supply the text.

THANK YOU! That will work. I will have to modify some routes, but
this is so much cleaner than what I was trying to do. Thanks alot for
a second set of eyes.