Using a helper from the console

I’ve got a couple of helper functions in my application_helper file that
I would like to run from the console (for debugging).

What is the correct way to invoke a helper from the console?


I’ve got a similar question - I want to run a method defined in
ApplicationHelper on the console, but using helper.method() doesn’t
work. Should it?


On 24 May 2006 17:07:56 -0000, Kevin O.

load ‘application_helper.rb’

and then just call the functions in the module.

If you make changes to the file, just retype the line.


normally, you cannot run helpers or controllers through rails console;
however, you can add this by editing the console script and added the
following line:
require File.dirname(FILE) + “/…/config/environment.rb”
after the line that requires boot.rb

I found this out from

The link is about backgroundrb, but the premise is the same.