User selects preferred node

I have a somewhat odd situation where I would like to use a load
balancer as
a proxy, but I want the user to be able to actively select preferred

Consider this scenario:

A portal server allows remote web apps to display their content in a
window by having a URL to the remote web app configured in the portlet
window. This becomes a problem in development with more than one
It basically means that when you want to work on a portlet, you change
URL to point to your local development app server. When you log out for
day, the app has no remote web app for that portlet window and the
portal is
broken. Other developers then need to find all “your” portlet windows
reconfigure the URL to point to their local machines.

Could a load balancing proxy be used to solve this problem? Assume that
point all portlet windows to the load balancer, on say localhost:8080. I
then have a way of actively selecting the preferred node from my
perhaps by setting a request property on an initial request:

Another developer selects his or her node:

I guess the requested node is stored in a cookie by the load balancer.
then tells the load balancer to try my node, if possible, whenever the
remote web app is being accessed from a request originating in my
If my machine happens to be down, another node is used. When my machine
comes back up, my node is used again.