User/Password Management: Mapping items to inidividual users

Is there a good plugin that does per page authentication management?

For example, I want to allow users to create pages and share them with
specific users, all users, or none at all on a per page basis.


I’m working on an extension to RBAC-engine that supports this.

I second that on the Rails Engine. Check out

This one has RBAC functionality.

In it’s current form, the user engine won’t support this behaviour.
The user engine restricts access on a per-controller/action basis, but
you want to control access on a per-object basis.

Rather than twisting something pre-existing to suit this, you might be
better developing a solution from scratch, and then seeing if you can
extract the access control.


How’s this coming along? Is there a project page for it?

For my immediate purposes the RBAC engine will likely work. I’m happy
to extend it, but would rather throw my efforts behind an existing
effort than start my own.

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There is a plugin by Bill K. that does this. It’s not an engine so
need to provide views etc.

I haven’t got around to using it myself, but plan to.

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