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In my rails app I have set up user authentication so that “users” can
view the “home, calendar and login/logout” links. The “admin” user
however is able to view an extra “settings” page on the links when he
logs in. Is there a way to make a members migration like :
“rails generate migration Members name:string mobile:string
email:string” which my users will be able to create and edit from the
home page but then the admin will be able to update/delete/create that
info from the settings page which only he can view?


You have to take a look at cancancan or pundit They both seem like a good
feature providing gems.
You can set the ability/roles for each model(or type) that you have.

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The easiest and hassle free approach is using active admin gem.

Thank you guys, I will have a look at these nice to know something like
this is possible