Use table instead of selectbox

Hi @all
i hope someone can help me with my problem or give me a hint;-)

okay let’s start :

I have a “has and belongs to many”-association.
I dont want to use a select box to show and edit the associations
(<%= select_tag “sel[]”,
options_from_collection_for_select(Hallen.find_all, :ID, :name,
@gewinnspiel.hallen.collect {|t|}), :multiple => true %>)

i want to use a table with checkboxes but where can i realise it?
list and show if something is associated or selected is no problem…

<% for row in @spielhallen %> <% end %>
<% if not @gewinnspiel.hallen(row.ID).nil? %> <%= image_tag("remove.gif", :border => 0) %> <% end %>

greets Nico