Use Rails to upload with net::ftp instead of html

I have this uploader that was working just fine with html file_field
But now I have to large of files to send so I am having to resort to
other means and can not use attachment_fu yet

So the portion of my model has this code in it
ftp.putbinaryfile(self.path,, 1024)
But that does not work and
ftp.putbinaryfile(self.temp_path,, 1024)
Reports that I have no file name so and so If it is not the the
uploaded path already .

I need to get the file and path via the browser Client side and upload
it to the server with the ftp data already in the model

And Please do not tell me net/ftp and rails can’t do this cause I
swear I will throw a ruby sized bolder through my code books if it
can’t . ::smiley:

On that I did read through the past posts here but saw no answers.

Is their anything I can add to this to perhaps make it a bit clearer
in the explanation?
Or maybe a book that might cover this portion as a recipe?