Use Rails to develop websites that frequently change layout

Hi experts!

I would like to develop a website using rails that projects can do the
following things.

  • Designers can freely and frequently design and change layout of pages
    (HTML,XHTML format) with a lot of dinamic data…

Which is the good way to use Rails to build website like that?

Waiting for your advices.
Thank you very much.

Could you elaborate a little on what you mean by “changing layout
Rails is perfect for this as it lets you design views and layouts
containing these views and everything is neatly organized and clean,
but perhaps you are looking for something more specific like themes a
la wordpress, with Rails handles via plugins.

On Aug 29, 6:53 pm, Ruby G. [email protected]

Ruby G., are you asking if Rails can handle being more like
WordPress or something where there are installed themes that can be
switched to easily?

As for the actual design (and the changing there of), I think Rails is
great for that with the way it handles partials and views.


On Aug 29, 12:53 pm, Ruby G. [email protected]

It sounds as though you are looking for a way for your designers to do
full page visual design. Our product, Ruby In Steel Developer, is the
only Ruby IDE that has a full page drag and drop design environment for
Rails. it assembles and translates Rails (Erb) templates into editable
HTML pages. You can drag and drop buttons, text fields etc onto the
pages and apply CSS styling. When you like the design, Ruby In Steel
automatically splits up the HTML pages and translates them back to their
original form as multiple ERb templates (layouts, views, partial).

Some info here:,235

Moreover, if your designers prefer to use 3rd party tools such as
Dreamweaver, it takes care of exporting your page designs in editable
format (to Dreamweaver, Expression Web or whatever) and importing them
back when the designers have finished.

More info on that here:

best wishes
Huw C.

SapphireSteel Software
Ruby and Rails In Visual Studio

Thank you for your answer.
My Project just for my designer input HTML/XHTML (They use 3rd party
tools to design).
I’m worried about .erb(views part) is difficult for my designer!? and
should I keep the format erb or not?

I have once more question here.
I have to separate the view into many group(base on User Agent).
How can I do that in Rails.

Best regards.
Waiting for your advices.

Ruby G.d.

You might want to have a look at RadiantCMS. Maybe it will do what you
need and you won’t have to develop a new app.


Sorry experts for my unclearly question.
Now I show you an example and hope that you will understand exactly.
You have develop a website on mobile for company.
Your company has many designers(design website, image, they can wire
html), their’s work are update content, change layout…of pages by
using CMS.
And you have to build a CMS for designer to create/update pages.
I also define many parameters for designer to use and program will reply
that params with real data (Ex. list of songs, top raking song…).

How can I apply Rails to build website like that?

Waiting for your advices.
Thank you very much.

You may also be interested in dynamically generating layouts as
demonstrated on Ryan B.’ screencast:


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