Use of Include and Join together


I’m wondering if anyone can help me understand what the expected
behavior would be if i were to use include and joins together on the
same association. I know from a straight rails perspective that it
would be a little silly to do since the include will end up doing the
join at the database level but I’m using a plugin ( searchlogic ) that
creates named scopes and joins automatically, I’m sure most of you are
familiar with it.

So I’m using search logic to do a query on an association and also
displaying that association so to get around the n+1 query I include
that association. This is resulting in a non-unique table alias bug
since the join created by searchlogic is giving me an inner join and
the include is giving me a left outer join both with the same alias.

So basically what I’m trying to figure out is what is the expected
behavior of joins and includes used together just from a rails
standpoint and are there any quirks that I could possibly be falling
into? Hopefully this can help me understand if I have an application
bug, rails bug, or searchlogic bug.

Thanks in advance!