Use continuation in rails

anyone with some experience to use continuation across different http
I try to implement a web service method like below:

def getallnotes(userid)
$contHash = unless $contHash
$contHash[userid].call if $contHash[userid]
curr_idx = 0
while curr_idx < @notes.size
callcc {|continuation|
$contHash[userid] = continuation
return @notes[curr_idx, 5]
curr_idx += 5

The idea is that if the @notes is too big, return all the data once may
not be a good idea. So each time I just return 5 data. then use
continuation to store the context. Then if same user call this method
again, it will jump to the point of last execution to return the next 5
But I got the error:
“continuation called across threads”

Is it possible to use continuation in rails that way?

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