USB problem with USRP


I’m trying to get the USRP to work, using the test_usrp_standard_tx
program, but am not having any luck.

On execution, the flashing LED on the USRP goes out, and there is a
delay of about 3 seconds on the PC, then the following message repeated:

Usb_control_msg failed: error sending control message: Connection timed

Followed by:

Usrp: failed to load fpga bitstream

In USBView I see the device as a 480Mbps USB2 device with VID FFFE, PID
0002 and Rev 0004 (both before and after running the above app). If I
manually try using fxload after a power cycle of the USRP board (e.g.
fxload -t fx2 -D /dev/bus/usb/03/019 -I ./std.ihx) then the flashing LED
goes out, but I get no other indication that things have worked.

I’m running this on a Fujitsu Lifebook, running Mandriva 7.

I’ve tried searching the gnuradio docs but can’t find anything that
mentiones the “Connection timed out” error above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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