USB Hub with software controllable power supply for SDR

Hi all,

I’m looking for a USB hub that allows software control of each port.
I have a FunCube Dongle Pro+ trying to pick up satellite signals; but as
the dongle is plugged in continously, I believe it heats up and degrades
Let me know if you can think of any solutions


Hi Vanush,

turning the device off sounds like an odd solution for a temperature
Also, usually you’re experiencing frequency drift with temperature,
which can, if your receiver architecture can’t correct, will lead to
degraded SNR.

Thermal noise will only significantly increase if the temperature shift
is not negligible compared to the effective equiv. noise temperatures of
your system, which /should/ be dominated by the first amplifier stage.
So if I’d suggest anything, it would be just adding a cooler/fan/peltier
element to that, and see if your performance measurably increases, just
to verify it’s a temperature problem at all.


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