URUG: meeting with matz

Okay, it looks like all the plans are laid. Sorry I can’t give you
more warning or more details, but this is all I’ve got and I’ve
only had it for a couple of hours.

matz will be speaking in the BYU CS colloquia series at
3 PM in room 1170 of the TMCB (see http://map.byu.edu
for directions, the TMCB is building 80). My understanding
is that the presentation will be recorded and available from:

At 4PM, the colloquia will turn into a BYU-RUG/UtahValley.rb
meeting with matz. My guess is that this will just mean that
we’ll stay in room 1170 and things will be more interactive
(less formal).

At 6PM we’ll head out for dinner with matz. I’m not sure
where, we’ll play it by ear.