URGENT: 2-4 week consultant needed

I need someone that is very proficient with Rails and can hammer out a
sized job within just a couple of weeks. There will be a lot of
between the person hired and myself and I expect interaction to happen
frequently in order get this done rapidly. Also, it is imperative that
develop things in a “Ruby way” similar to how Chad F. describes
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5067787434087643104. I would
prefer to work with someone that is willing to build the project with
Hobo (
hobocentral.net) if possible, but that is not required. Strength with
and JavaScript is also desired.
As noted, this is a quick job and must be developed rapidly so time is
the essence.

Please reply if you have any interest and would like more details.
Also, if
you have any standard payment requirements please enumerate those.