Upr 0.2.0 - Upload Progress for Rack

upr 0.2.0 - twice as good as the first!

upr is Rack middleware that allows browser-side upload progress
monitoring. It is based on (and should be client-side compatible with)
several upload progress modules including ones used by leading web
servers. It allows any Moneta backing store in addition to DRb. There
is also a packaged example for using an ActiveRecord model for Rails.


This release fixes several bugs and adds better compatibility
with existing upload progress implementations from other web

‘config.gem “upr”’ in Rails config/environment should work now
that double loads are non-fatal (but still warn). Additionally,
better error handling has been added and timeouts increased
to reduce the probability of errors due to slow clients.

The Rack backend can now generate JSON responses compatible[1]
with upload progress modules for both lighttpd and nginx.
Additionally, streaming JSON as demonstrated in
mongrel_streaming_upload_progress is supported, too.

This is a list of upload progress modules we are compatible

  1. mongrel_upload_progress
  2. jquery-upload-progress
    GitHub - drogus/jquery-upload-progress: Upload progress bar working with apache, nginx and lighttpd upload progress modules
  3. mongrel_streaming_upload_progress