Uploading to S3 without hitting the local server


Hi, I guess my question is rather simple, is it possible to upload to S3
without hitting the local server using Rails? If so, are there any
tutorials or similar things around?

PS: and what about being able to display a progress bar at the same
time? I know I’m pushing it, but I also know there’s no point
reinventing the wheel, especially not in the Rails world :slight_smile:



Nope, it is not.

S3 “receives” files by HTTP PUT requests and browsers can’t do PUTs.
Worse, to do something like that you would have to give your “user”
your api keys, which isn’t really a good idea.

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On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 7:38 PM, Steve D.


Hi Steve,

If you don’t mind using Flex/Flash to do the client side UI, you can
upload directly to S3 with a progress bar using a POST. The api keys
get encrypted so no worries about loosing them.

Good luck,

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You can, read more here:
For a progress bar, you will need Flash on the browser (or something
similar) or upload to your server.

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