Uploading ROR application


I am new to ruby rails and i have created an application. Now all i need
to do is i want to upload that in to my server.

Can any one please help me out with some step by step process about how
to upload the application in to server, and what about the thing to be
done with my data base, e.t.c… e.t.c…

Any solution is really appreciable friends. i am new to the software
development field too. So can any body give me some detailed suggestion
to put my work done.

Thanks guys
Genuinely expecting a lot of help from ROR groups.

If you find someone that has the communication skills to describe how
to deploy a Rails app, I’d sure like to hear from him.
The ‘killer’ in learning Rails is not that there isn’t alot of
information, but it’s so scattered and inconsistant that most
explanations are either obsolete or don’t work in a particular

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