Uploading multiple files elegantly


I’m very new to rails and don’t yet feel comfortable synthesizing this
myself, so any help would be really appreciated. I’m trying to
implement file upload functionality, such that users can upload multiple
files at once (potentially, well over 10).

Outside of having the user create and upload a zip file, it seems the
nicest thing would be for them to drag and drop the files from their
file browser into a scrollable text box on my app, or to at least allow
them to select files one at a time which appear in a single scrollable
text box. If they need to delete for example, they could select and
press a delete button. Clicking submit, would upload all the files at

Does anyone have any code that does any of this, or suggestions on how
to handle any of this? (including the zip approach)
Thanks a lot.


I am guessing here, but I don’t think the browsers would really let you
The input of file type has strict rules about the files it uploads, and
clicking on the browse button is mandatory (as far as I know)
Otherwise everyone would do scripts that would upload random files from
user’s machine


It seems like Web apps that let you do this (e.g. Flickr) generally do
it by
writing a client side component. That is, something that runs outside
the browser. Take this with a grain of salt- I am by no means an
But if I were implementing something like this, I’d probably take a look
how others do it- picture sites and file sharing sites seem like good
to look at.