Upload with iframe or ajax?


I really wonder whether I should upload with ajax or with iframe. I
don’t know which way it should be the best of uploading file to the
server? Please, give me some ideas…


Unfortunately it is not possible to upload files with AJAX, since you
can’t read the file from the input[type=file] fields with javascript.
If you go with the iframe method you should check out the
responds_to_parent plugin, makes things a heck of a lot easier.

There is another alternative though, that’s pretty nice if you’re
willing to endure some serious pain and frustration: you can upload
files with flash. Digitarald (digitarald.de) made a nice prepackaged
thingy for mootools, but it does need some tweaking for the Rails
backend (like the CGI/session_id fix). I don’t know of any
script.aculo.us alternatives unfortunately.


On 18 Jul 2007, at 08:28, JN_Coward wrote:

script.aculo.us alternatives unfortunately.
SWFUpload is also a Flash based solution, search the list archives, I
mentioned it a few times.


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