Upload to DB hang mentioned in wiki


I’m uploading files to a mysql database, using a mediumblob size.
Following the wiki here:
http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/HowtoUploadFiles ,
I got past the first mysql 500kb limitation with the max_allowed_packet
= xM
trick, setting it to 1000M.
However, as the person at the very bottom of the wiki notes, I too
upload more than around 10mb.
I also tried the suggested workaround: <%= hidden_field ‘value’,
%> in the same form as my binary file_field.
Substituting ‘value’ for the same name as my binary field, and other
words didn’t help either.
My intuition says that Rails will expect a specific name like
max_in_kilobytes or whatnot, or that the suggestion is wrong entirely.


Okay…I found the requierd line in a google cached earlier version of
wiki. I also did some more googleing and found that this has to directly
precede the file field. So, I now have:

<%= file_field 'data_file', 'data' %>

(I would have used <%= hidden_field 'MAX_FILE_SIZE', '1000000' %>, but this didn't work either..)

For uploads greater than around 10mb, the upload still hangs and nothing