Upload module "upload store" question

So i got upload module and upload progress module working after alot of
sweat over the progress module configuration

anyways just have a question about this directive “upload_store” i have
the conf file

upload_store “/hdd1/_uploads” 1;

i had to create 10 directories 0-9 in the above, is this really needed?
possible for the temp directory just to be a single one? that would
certainly reduce on the work required on some post upload tasks

just wondering in case i missed something


You missed that the number of characters in buckets is optional:


The manual says “The directory could be hashed”. According to my English
skills “could” means, though possible, must not necessarily be.

In your case:

upload_store “/hdd1/_uploads”;

should suffice for what you want to have.

Ah i see
great stuff :slight_smile:

thank you very much


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